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We hail from Suomussalmi, Finland

On the far edge of Europe, yet close. Just a couple of hours from Oulu with its sea ports providing access to the rest of the world. We have the roads, the stability, and an easy and safe operating environment.

With soapstone quarrying as early as 1999, the factory has undergone several metamorphoses

We have learned to live in harmony with nature and respect it

Responsibility is simply caring

talkki talkin käyttäminen


Metamorphosis gave birth to soapstone billions of years ago in the turmoil of shifting continental plates. Dark olivine-rich rock transformed to grey soapstone mainly comprising of talc and magnesite. The softest mineral on earth, talc has many unique properties and several applications in our daily lives.

In Suomussalmi, the quarrying and production of soapstone began in 1999. Numerous ovens, fireplaces and stove claddings have been manufactured from Kivikangas soapstone. Since then, the factory has undergone several small transformations as production has been developed to meet demand.

We are now at the dawn of a new metamorphosis. At Nordic Talc, we have a goal: to continue the operations of the Suomussalmi soapstone quarry and factory as a modern talc plant producing carbon-neutral and traceable talc. We want to ensure that the work continues and we can build a better future together – one with jobs and livelihood, clean environment, and responsibility for our shared future. We need the products of the earth to manage climate change and prevent nature loss, and we can do it responsibly.

The Silent People

We are the Silent People, the people of Kainuu. We have learned to live amidst our landscape. With persistent work, we have not only survived but thrived. By walking the walk rather than talking the talk. By learning to live with nature and respecting it. It’s about “caring”.

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“Caring” is about taking care, about being accountable for what you have undertaken. Responsibility is everyday caring. We take care of our employees, respect our neighbours, and deliver on our promises.