talkki valmistus suomi
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Our goal is to transform the Suomussalmi soapstone factory into a talc plant and ensure the industrial utilization of talc reserves and the continuation of operations

The first phase includes engineering, feasibility study, and environmental impact assessment (EIA) of various options. In the next phase, we continue with detailed engineering of selected technical solutions and apply for an environmental permit and other required permits and regulatory approvals for our operations.

Following these phases, decisions on investment and construction can be made. And once the construction stage is completed, production can be started and ramped up.

Planned operations

Talc ore is mined from an open pit and hauled to a mineral concentration plant. Once crushed and grinded, the ore is concentrated by flotation where the grinded ore is mixed with water and stirred. When air is introduced, talc particles attach to air bubbles and lift to the top of the flotation cell where they are collected. This is repeated to achieve talc with a grade of 96–97%. After dewatering, the concentrate is ready for further processing. Rejects of the flotation, tailings, are deposited for later use or restoration. Wall rocks are utilized in construction if possible or restored in the area.