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The new website for Nordic Talc is now live. Our goal is to provide open and clear communication about the project. We want to talk about the various applications of talc, its presence in our everyday lives, and our goal to become pioneers and build a true 2030s mine that produces traceable, responsible and carbon-neutral talc.

We wanted a site that reflects us, and we think we got it, thanks to the Kipinämedia team. It was a pleasure to brainstorm and build ideas with them, so here is both the end result and the beginning of the journey. We will update the site with news and story items along the way. Let’s keep in touch!



The study supported by the ELY Centre promoted the talc project in Suomussalmi

Tulikivi Oyj has completed the project “Study on the geology and geotechnical engineering of the Haaponen deposit and the usability of the mineral for the manufacture of selected products on an industrial scale”, for which it has received a business development grant from the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Northern Ostrobothnia. The grant received has been very significant in moving the project forward.

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